Friday, February 27, 2009

If You Hate Cats, Don't Read....

My boyfriend's mom is flying in tonight from Arizona. This will be her first visit here and I really want the apartment to look nice. So to add a special touch I decided to buy some fresh flowers for the table. I carefully arranged them in the new vase that was also purchased for the occasion. I stepped away for less than 5 minutes to put in a load of laundry. I came back to THIS...

Colby (my orange cat) had eaten off more than half of the buds! Oh I was so mad at him. I immediately got the spray bottle. After cooling off I decided that the beauty could be salvaged and re-purposed. The picture below is what I came up with. It works.

At least now I have 2 spots of fresh semi-beauty!

I post this for fellow cat lovers as I am sure that they will eventually, if they haven't already, find this solution helpful in their time of fresh-flower-munching-anger need.

HOLD THE PHONE.... so I just walked back into the kitchen and this is what I found.....

Sorry, I have no solution for this.

Edit: I love reading the comments that folks have left about their own "little demons". Do you have any similar stories??


  1. OMG!! I really did try and refrain from laughing but I couldn't help it. I have 2 cats that are a year and a half old and they are monsters to say the least. I've come home with my favorite shirts/dress shirts in the middle of the living room floor chewed up. The other day one of the cats was dragging my bra through the living room. Little shit. You gotta love them though. That does suck when they ruin stuff that you try and make look nice.

  2. Oh my goodness! I thought my cats were the only little demons. I know it's not funny but it really did make me laugh. My cats are always in everything I try to keep them out of. They are crazy. One is also a thief so I have to keep my purse zipped at all time because she will literally drag my keys out of the purse and off somewhere and hide them. She's worse than a ferret.

    I hope the visit goes well.

  3. Sorry to laugh at your misfortune but sooo funny! My cats aren't that bad with flowers but they can be monsters!

  4. I love cats and dogs I am an recovered Christian and think some of the worst people are Christians and why they hate cats is amazing since they love lions as in Judah so if anyone has an answer post it