Thursday, March 12, 2009

Felt tepees....I mean, trees

I am addicted. To felt. I love the way it feels and all the things you can do with it! I had never really worked with it before taking the online RVA class and I am finding that I want to incorporate it into all of my projects at this point. Thanks Rachel and Elsie!

I posted this this to our class Flickr group and have had a couple of people respond by asking me to share how I made it. I will certainly do that! Just leave a comment here if you are interested.

I also want to tell all my of new buddies at RVA that I am really enjoying the crafty companionship. It has had a definite impact on my life that I don't think I completely understand at this point. I need to think about it more before I can explain it.

Anyone else in the class feel this way? What are your thoughts??


  1. Hey Ashley: I totally agree. Jut the friendships alone have made the class worth while. The awesome projects we make are an awesome bonus. lol

  2. I agree to. And its also nice to have someone apprieciate what you do. In other words...have a group of friends who can relate. I had a girl at work call me Martha Stewart of Pentair (its the company I work for) I chuckled and carried on with reading my quilts and more mag. I really love this class and the people I have met through it have really inspired me. I think about my crafting every waking moment of the day. Really I do.. Sometimes I even dream about it.

    On a different note I gotta tell you that I finally found the magazine that I've been looking for. Its called Photoshop for photographers made in the UK.. at Barnes and Noble today... I cant wait to start working from it. I also got Photoshop Creative. I love mags like this. I'm totally inspired and cant wait to learn more.

  3. Your felt trees are delightful! Very cute & great colors!