Saturday, March 7, 2009

Happiness is Still Homemade

I am no expert with thrifting and antiquing. Actually, i am pretty terrible at it because I walk into a shop/flea market and get so completely overwhelmed and over stimulated that I end up leaving quickly without buying a thing. It is seriously annoying. I think I just get so excited about all the cool, cheap stuff that I can't handle it. Weird?

So I am very proud to announce that I came home today with my most thrilling discovery yet. I was at a local antique barn (apparently they are barns here in the south) coaching myself through the shopping process when i spotted was almost as if a brilliant light shined down from the heavens and a brought us together.

Do I need to say more about why this is so fabulous? I will....the embroidery, the colors, the message, the chicken... and most importantly, the message.

I am going to paint the matte and the frame but I was so excited to share this discovery with everyone that I couldn't wait. I will post again once its painted and found it's spot on one of my walls.

Have you ever had one of these "magical" moments while thrifting? What was your find?


  1. Truly, there are not words for how awesome this is!!!! Super jealous. Right now my favorite thriftie find is a vintage, brown suitcasey bag. I have been carrying it with my everywhere (I even put a RVA decal on it :D). Match made in heaven! So anyways, this is awesome, and I'm uber jealous. Loveee.

  2. Totally awesome find! I love the brillance of the colors and everything...LUCKY! :)

  3. What a great find! Wish I could go "barn" antique hopping with you! I need to plan a trip to visit :)