Monday, March 16, 2009

If you are bitter....don't read, seriously.

Before I met Spencer I was always bitter at those who had "found" love. Maybe a better way to put it is jealous. Terrible feeling, i don't recommend it. But now I have found him, so I am going to take full advantage of this situation and share 3 reasons why I love him so much. Just bear with me, ok, i waited 30 years for him!

Reason #1: The way to any girls heart is through shoes, right? I came home from work on Friday to find these...
And this sweet note.
Even Reece likes them.
Reason #2: It was HIS IDEA to go thrifting on Sunday.
It was also his idea to close his eyes when I took this picture. I don't get that logic though.

Reason #3: He is the most patient man I know. I was all flustered while trying to blind stitch closed the new pillow I painted....i don't have the patience for these kinds of things. And he actually said to me "mind if I try"? Ha! Really??? He worked diligently for over an hour and I have to say it is the most perfect blind stitching I have ever seen. China has NOTHING on Spence!
For those of you who stuck around for this long, I appreciate you putting up with my sappiness. If you are the bitter type, all I can say is hold out....if I found one, you can too!


  1. How cool is that!!??? And your pillow turned out awesome. My boyfriend would probably never sew for me. What a catch you have.

  2. awww, that is totally sweet. I don't even think my bf knows what size shoes I wear and we have been dating for 4 years. It is always the small things that count in relationships that make you know that he is the "one"!!
    xoxo Kimi

  3. i just got chills! can't wait to meet him :)

  4. Aw! Yeah...I'm lucky if my boyfriend knows what shoe size I wear, either. :P But...he does do little things that you reminded me of. :)

    I can't wait to see him now :P


  5. How sweet. And yep, I found one too. For the last 11 years my hubby suprises me all the time. Sappiness and all. :]

  6. aw cuteness.
    boys are nice when they are nice, huh?

    makes me want to hug mine, right now!

  7. super cute! my bf always ends up helping me when i get stuck on projects, he just seems to make it easier. lol you're pillow is awesome!