Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pretty Pillow Painting

I love painting pillows! They might be completely unpractical but I love the end result every time. This is the one that I wrote about in an earlier post that Spence finished off for me by doing the blind-stitching. This is also the one that Colby (the orange cat) threw up on, so I had to wash the canvas before I painted on it. Lesson learned #1: Don't let your cat throw up on your fabric. But if for some reason you have to wash your canvas before you paint on it, I would mix a fabric medium in with your paint so that it flows a little better. Lesson learned #2: I hate blind-stitching. Just FYI

Another big thanks to my classmates for all the support and inspiration! See a few of their painted pillows below... You can also check out lots more at our class Filckr pool.

Above by Margot

Above by tylersaunt

Above by newyearsbabe84


  1. this is really nice. all of them are!

  2. HOLY CRAP ASHLEY. I am in love with your pillow. I want to write about it on Serendipity & Spark. Maybe you should do a DIY guest blog on my site!!!

  3. oh just saw my pillow here!!! :-) thanks for posting it! also, love your blog!

  4. you mean to say impractical, there is no word unpractical.