Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Teen drama + Bedroom

Oh yes, as a teenager I was very dramatic. I have proof...painful proof. At the risk of utterly humiliating myself, take a look at my rooms during those dreadful teen years....

Disclaimer..... 1) please keep in mind that this was circa 1991-1995, not the best years for style or fashion. 2) you might want a pair of sunglasses close by - maybe even 3D glasses.

Room #1 below
Room #1 below - yes, i painted my bedspread
Room #1 below - yes I painted my curtains
Room #1 below- weird
Room #2 below - holy cow
Room #2 below - more of those spikey things...and whats with the cow splotches?
Room #2 below- Is that blood? You would think I would have at least made my bed.
Room #3 below- Whoa....girly swirls!
Room #3 below - is that a city skyline?
Room #3 below - Did everyone on earth have that cheap lamp?

My poor mom had to sand down the walls whenever we moved from one house to another. Thankfully both of my parents are creative and appreciate my weirdness...or whatever you call it. Thanks mom and dad!

Did you have crazy rooms like this?

I might be the only one who finds these photos hilarious. I'm pretty sure I am.


  1. to me that shows alot of creative talent. which is probably why you are where you are at today. I think its pretty cool.

  2. cutttttte. so i think that we (RVA class girls) should start a wikipage (like wikispaces)-- theres places for discussions and for people to have their own pages and it just FUN! I was going to post this on the pretty blog but by the time i got there i think everyone left and i think you said you were going to be in charge of putting it togheter... FUN!!!

  3. i love them! it's so awesome that your parents allowed you to do that... i had brown paneling... oooo fun!

    my aunt had an aweosme room though - she's my moms younger sister... 7 yrs older than me - and we would plaster super model pics all over her wall... just from magazines! ha!

  4. haha i like the city skyline.

    i wish i had been allowed to paint my room...unfortunately that was a no - go. my mom didn't like painting the house AT ALL and only painted if absolutely necessary. thus, my walls remained the white they originally were.

  5. mine were 'sponge painted' black and red with a red daybed comforter. yuck. it looked so chaotic. i love you pictures and your rooms! Hopefully as a parent I will allow my children to express themselves freely as your parents allowed you. inspiring.

  6. Love your rooms! I enjoy painting all over almost anything! I can't paint the walls in my current home, its such a bummer, and well just plan boring! I really like that painted chair & your city scape. I'm dying to paint my kitchen table, its wood 50's practical, it makes me wanna gag! Can't wait to do something with it.

    P.S. Have very much enjoyed all your postings to my flickr group!