Friday, April 10, 2009

The Day Job

I always enjoy seeing the workspaces of fellow bloggers and designers, even if the spaces aren't cool. I work in a very run down, boring office building but the design room is kind of fun and quirky. Warning: Bad lighting = unforgiving photos....sorry! There are some things that Photoshop just can't fix (ok, thats not true...there are some things that I just cannot fix with Photoshop).

Also, we had an Easter egg hunt in the office yesterday. I found the most eggs (though I did NOT find the Golden Egg which, by the way, was hidden in the soda machine). These eggs were filled with the yummiest candy. Not the crap candy you would expect to find at a company Easter egg hunt (company Easter egg hunts are normal, right?)...but the really good kind.... NAME BRAND. Finding the most eggs = getting the most candy = spending the rest of the day in the bathroom. How old am I?

These photos are WAY over Photoshopped, and those swirly things are so last year....I know.

I am working on my art/music/computer room right now at home which is where the really fun stuff happens. Mass quantities of art/craft supplies, musical instruments and computer cords. I found a cool desk on Craigslist that I am going to pick up today. I think I might paint it bright pink.

Also, more projects coming soon. Think Linen.
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  1. oh, i want to see the pink desk when you get it done! how fun!

  2. i wish i was in your office right now!! and i love the white swirls...they are not "so last year" they are cool :)

  3. I like the swirls too. Nice colors in your office space!