Thursday, April 30, 2009

summer time = swimsuits = terror

This time last year by body looked like the ones in the swimsuit catalogs that you get in the mail (minus the boobs). Not this year! I live about 2 miles from the beach and it's already hot here. This means I am about to have to enter brand new territory......buying a swimsuit to fit a far-from-perfect body. I realize this is a normal situation to be in but I am terrified.

I refuse to let that keep me off of the beach and out of the pool. Really. I could let it do that to me. It is tempting. But that is not the way I want to live my life. So today I did some research on how I can make this situation better and came up with some really great solutions.....

Merona Dotty Tankini: Target $15.99 for each piece

Malibu Dream Girl Hibiscus Swim Seperates: From Kohl's $30 each piece
(obviously I would choose the one on the left)

Solid Twist-Front Swing Top: From J.Crew $55 for top only

Women's Bessie Swimwear Separate: From Kmart $18.99 each piece

Aren't these swimsuits fun? My biggest problem area is my belly, and shopping in the maternity department seems to be off limits when you are not pregnant, but I think I was able to find some really great suits that might work with the most unflattering parts of me.

I know most of you are probably not quite in swimsuit season yet but full blown summer is almost here and sometimes it takes me a while to emotionally prepare for things such as this. I also wanted to post this for a couple of reasons. #1 when I post something to my blog it becomes more real to me for some reason. #2 I don't know many people who feel beautiful wearing a bathingsuit and maybe somehow, knowing that someone else feels the same way, this post could encourage you to be a little more gentle with yourself this year.

Be bold. Be you.

EDIT: ok, ok, ok! My closest friends keep sending me messages letting me know that it is NOT ok for me to wear a swimsuit with a skirt! I personally think skirts are adorable and will wear one if I want to....but I get the point already...bathingsuit skirts are not cool to the general public!!! And we all know I am all about being cool, right?


  1. I would say less than 1% of the population feels totally at home in a bathingsuit. I'm part of that other 99% for sure (my stomach's flat but the thighs could use some toning). Really cute finds...I especially like the first one :)

  2. you should get a two piece - a tan tummy is a happy one! But I do really love the yellow one piece!

  3. I definitely need to start doing some work on the ole' abs or I could just buy that adorable yellow suit!

  4. Oh. So. Fab! You speak the bold one loves trying a bathing suit on. But fun in the sun with glowing skin typically makes us happy:) And HAPPY is sexy! All really cute choices!

  5. I am in LOVE with the yellow bathing suit you posted! It is adorable. I just bought this bikini (get myself in shape!) and love it. I might but it in another color too!!

  6. That first one is definitely drool-worthy!

    I'm sure you look amazing in a bathing suit still :) I'm having a hard time finding one this year also - I've lost 45 pounds so I'm 'smaller' - but I haven't been working out like I should so I'm one of those small girls who is still flabby lol.

  7. found you through the unravelling site. wanted to say hi. i really like your site and the apron you made. the ruffles are so fun. as for the bathing suits...i like the jcrew one (just not that color) :-)

  8. i love 'bathing skirts'. PSH!! be your own cool!!!!