Friday, May 29, 2009

40% off = new toy

I am so excited about the new easel that I got from Hobby Lobby. I got an amazing deal because I used a 40% off coupon that I found on their website. Today's lesson......don't ever go to a craft store without a 40% off coupon. Most of them even accept competitor's coupons so you can take a Micheal's coupon (sign up to receive them via email) to Joanne's (coupons also sent via email) and still use it. I love coupons!!

I did the painting sometime last year. It's just basic acrylics on canvas. I think it would look great in a nursery. Why do I always end up making stuff that would be perfect for babies and children?

One more thing: I am heading to New Orleans for a magazine design/publishing conference tomorrow so I will not be posting for a few days. Yes, there are still people in the world who design and publish magazines.

And yet another thing: I am going to be changing the name of my blog. Lots of change is in the many plans being made (not enough time to get them all done). Have any of you pulled of a name and web address change successfully? Please share!


  1. I always take the weekly coupon to hobby lobby with me! You save so much money that way. I have not successfully changed my blog name or web address but I want to change the web address just to shorten it up. Let me know how it goes!

  2. I wish we had a Hobby Lobby here. I love that store. Good luck with your changes. Take care ~Natalie

  3. Thank goodness there are still magazines & the writers and designers to go with them! As much time as I spend reading, looking for inspiration, and learning online, I still love my magazines!! Both my kidlets, but especialy my daughter, have developed a love of them as well! :>

    Are you just changing your blog name? Its purpose? Its host? Or all of the above? I just found you.....hope to come back....and still find you again! :>

  4. Hi Ashley,
    I'm new to your blog so I want to say hello. That's a beautiful painting--the colors are so warm and lovely! :)

  5. Great easel and the painting is gorgeous. Don't you just love a bargain!

    -unravelling junie/studiopink

  6. I always forget to bring or use my coupons. Cool easel! Beautiful painting!

    I think I successfully pulled off a name change. I was blogging as The Stressica for almost three years and switched to Sweet Eventide on the first day of spring this year. I chose the date on pupose and planned the switch for weeks ahead of time. I got a new domain name and point my Blogger blog to my domain name. My husband (web engineer) did all the redirecting stuff for me so it's seamless to readers. They can still use their Stressica bookmarks and it goes to Sweet Eventide.

    The hardest part is a) choosing a name you want to live with for a long time and b) getting that name across all areas you want to use it. For me I needed the main domain, the blogger name, Flickr, Twitter, etc.

    Good luck! You can do it!