Sunday, May 10, 2009

Unravelling: Feet

So I have been loving the online class I have been taking with Susannah from the blog Ink on my Fingers. This first week has taken us all on an adventure with our feet.

While explaining the first assignment Susannah said "it’s our feet that carry us through life; if our feet hurt we can’t walk, and if we can’t get about we can’t live." I am not a huge shoe girl and I have gotten a pedicure once in my life (it was a bridesmaid thingy - I'll probably never do it again) so I have never really given much thought to how my feet play such a huge role in my life. It is kind of embarrassing to admit that, especially since I was a dancer for so many years and have a cousin who has Cerebral Palsy and can't walk without canes. I have completely taken advantage of the fact that my feet work perfectly. So, as I went through the daily ins and outs of the week I constantly had my feet in the back of my mind (figuratively - of course). I also have been lugging my good camera around with me everywhere to capture it all. And though I have gotten some bizarre looks from these southerners down here I have really learned a lot while focusing on my weird as that sounds.

Here are a few of my favorite shots.....

I once was a ballerina.

yes, my third toe on my left foot is longer than any other.

I love it when cats do this.

I wonder what it is about feet that cats love? My cat Reece is obsessed with both feet and shoes.

My parents always have the prettiest yard in the neighborhood. Hey mom, did the flowers here ever go back to normal after I squashed them?

One of my most favorite places to be with him.

We live at a very beautiful beach. Sugar white sands, a salty breeze and warm water.

The veins in my feet are kind of freaky looking.

Spence and I love to bowl. We do it a lot.

So those are some of the places my feet have been this week. After all of that I broke down and bought some nail polish. I'm gonna try it out tonight. I'll let you know how it goes.

Edit: the toenail polishing was a success! It might become a new obsession for me.


  1. I love all the pictures of your feet. what a great way to honor that part of us. My cat loves rubbing her head on my feet and loves sniffing my shoes. Especially when I come in from being outside. I think she likes to smell where I've been at. Not sure, guess it's one of those cat things we humans can never understand.

  2. Your pictures are wonderful! I especially like the beach ones, although looking at them is making me very homesick. I lived by the sea up until four years ago and miss it so terribly.

    I recommend sparkly red nail polish for instant glamour!

  3. once you start, it's impossible to stop, rigth? i took a ton of pix as well ;-)
    all very exciting...

    your cats look gorgeous!

  4. Ohhhh, those beach shots make me so jealous! I love South Dakota, but dang if I wouldn't trade all this prairie for some sand...

    What an eye-opening project. How many of us must do the very same thing--take for granted much of what we have.

  5. I loved doing the feet assignment with Susannah! Your shots are great -especially the ballet slippers!!!

  6. Great post. I love pedicures, it's a small luxury that makes your feet feel amazing!

  7. love this post. i really like the ballet picture!