Sunday, June 7, 2009

Artists Who Blog

I'm baaack! And of course, while I was away, I spent some time thinking..... (sometimes i wish I could get paid to think....i wish my thoughts were so profound, ingenius and groundbreaking that I could get paid for them....then I would have an excuse for the hours each day when I can't identify a single accomplishment).

I have been thinking a lot about blogging and how it has affected my life....not only on a creative level but also on a personal level. I can honestly say that, even in the short time that I have been writing my blog, my life has been affected profoundly. I have learned so much more about myself and about living authentically than I ever thought possible, and I have made so many new friends from all across the world....and I have only been blogging since February!

One of my favorite blogs, Artists Who Blog, centers around this very topic. I learn so much from the words that each blogger so openly shares with the world. Here are a few statements taken from some of the latest interviews that really resonate with me....

"my underlining goal has always been to find my own voice and to walk the path towards making my creative dreams real." - Alessandra De Souza (

"Blogging gave me a much needed structure to stay constantly inspired and taking creative action on the daily basis." - Alessandra De Souza (

"make it first and foremost a gift to yourself." - Alessandra De Souza (

"Until you dream, there isn’t a mold. Until you speak, there isn’t a promise. Until you move, there isn’t a path." - Alessandra De Souza (

"Just dare to try and dare to fail." - Dana Lake Komjaty (

"you see beautiful things every day so you have to have confidence in your own ability and style to keep going." - Francesca Iannaccone (

"If you don’t get any comments for a while, don’t worry about it. I didn’t get comments for ages, I still have a very low comment count! And a small amount of ’followers’, but for me, if one person gets something from something I write or display, that’s hugely flattering." - Francesca Iannaccone (

"It’s nice to know people are watching and it also adds a necessary pressure that I think all performers would agree keeps us working hard and challenging our creativity." - Dolan Geiman (

"Just blog about whatever gets you really excited!" - Brandi Strickland (

"Just do it. It won’t be easy, especially today with millions and millions of blogs out there but just try and see what happens, just put your soul to it, it won’t happen in a day but I’m sure you will get positive reactions. It’s worth it." - Sofia Barao (

"I like to step into artists and creative people’s worlds. This is the most inspirational thing of all about blogging." - Sofia Barao (

"I think it has made me much more productive because I like to post something new almost every day." - Vivienne Strauss (

"Be yourself." - Marisa Haedike (

(When asked what was the most positive aspect of having a blog) "The chance to get to know myself better." - Marisa Haedike (

"The most difficult part is to continue to trust your creative intuition. And the most rewarding is when you do trust it." - Marisa Haedike (

How about you? If you are a blogger or even just a blog reader, has blogging impacted your world?


  1. I completely agree with you that blogging helps us to get to know ourselves better. I feel happier, more fulfilled in my life, and more grateful ever since I began my blog. It also makes me feel more connected to other artists and creative people. I am so happy to have met new friends, like YOU!! All of these quotes from artists are so inspiring. Blogging can change people's lives!

  2. yay! thanks for quoting me :) you have a lovely blog!

  3. If I didn't have a blog (and learn the way blogs work, which took me 4 years) then I might not have rediscovered my creativity after having kids. I probably would not be painting as much. I doubt I would see as many opportunities as I can see now. And I might never have opened my etsy shop at all.

    Blogging helped me discover a community that I didn't know was out there. It turns out there actually ARE other people like me.

  4. YOU ARE AMAZING. As I have said in our many conversations, blogging changed my life. Starting Serendipity & Spark was like having a baby - I was nervous and excited, devoted but scared. I have been able to express and explore. It has been really hard. Some of my posts frustrate me and the guilt I feel sometimes over not posting is strong. But being a blogger and a blog reader has made the last year of my life more inspired.

  5. major impact! I love blogging for the connection to others who have made my heart grow.

  6. I love my blog. I love the friends I have met thru this honest, revealing, supportive, sharing forum. I visit my own blog everyday, to admire my own artwork, be reminded of yesterday and yesteryear and treasure every single memory as I go back in time.