Wednesday, July 22, 2009

printable tags

I have been super busy this week and haven't had much time to devote to blogging. But to let you know that I appreciate you more than you can imagine I designed some printable tags for you to download and use whenever and wherever you please! These are great for gifts, favors, labels, scrapbooking...I'm sure there's more but I can't think of everything right now (so sleepy).

Download the tags here and enjoy!

Love you,

p.s. just one know I am obsessed with them right now...

"Rejoice in your growth, in which you naturally can take no one with you. And Be kind to those who remain behind and be sure and calm before them and do not torment them with your doubts, and do not frighten them with your confidence or joy which they could not understand." taken from Letters to a Young Poet by Rainer Maria Rilke


  1. These are so pretty! Thanks so much, I'll be linking.

  2. LOVE the tags! What a wonderful find, thank you!

  3. Hi there! I've just found your blog (clicked on a pic on google and it brought me here!)
    Anyway, I like it a lot :)

    My name's also Ashley Brooke by the way! I look forward to seeing more of your artwork. You should stop by my blog too, if you get the chance!

    Have a good night,

  4. Coongrats on your feature. I LOVE your blog... and all of your art. :) You're stuff is amazing. :)