Monday, September 7, 2009

change is the best

I think I am going through a time of quiet reflection right now. I am feeling the ebbs and flows of life intensely and I love it. It really is so good to be alive.

I am learning so much right now and I want to share it all with the world but for some reason I feel the need to just let it sit in my head for a while. There is so much change happening right now and, honestly, I love it when I am in that type of place in life. Although it feels very uncomfortable and scary, I have finally recognized that these exact moments are the ones that are filled with faith and trust, hope and longing, excitement and fear - the best parts of life. These are the really good times.

I realize now that nothing makes me feel more alive than stepping out in faith when I have no idea where I will land. As comfy as "knowing" feels, its no where near the life I want to live.

So here are a few photos from my week.

I am LOVING freehand embroidery! And yes, I spelled it wrong. How is it possible that I spelled my most favorite word in the whole world wrong? I don't get it.

Very simple gift wrap made out of materials I had on hand. Happy Birthday, Sharee!

I love my cats, obvious I know. I am one of those crazy cat ladies who doesn't have "real" kids.

My hair has been the same since I was 18 years old....I am 32. It is SO time for a change. The trick is to find someone who actually knows how to cut curly hair....not easy at all.

I have been pretty slow posting lately, but after the move (we are moving to Orlando in 2 weeks) I assure you that I will be around more often. I can't wait to share about all the plans that are in process!!

One more thing....

"One does not discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time." - Andre Gide


  1. I love your "beautifull" embroidery work! The colors are awesome! I hope your stepping out in faith helps you to grow in whatever ways you want.

  2. Everything you write speaks to my heart.

    1. The embroidery is stealing my heart
    2. The gift wrapped present just jumped off the page at me! I love it
    3. I love that we both have curly hair. It is easy to love and hate it at the same time.

    YOU ARE BEAUTIFULL - yes will 2 LLs. Full of beauty!

  3. The spelling is unusual, but I wouldn't call it "wrong", more like a happy accident. The ideas of beauty and fullness just so naturally go well together! "Beautifull" work indeed.

  4. How exciting! I am very happy for you and feel uplifted myself just reading your post. You explained what you are going through beautifully. Thank you for sharing. And here's to crazy animal people without "real" kids. I can relate :)

  5. this is a post i can sooo relate to right now! thank you for spelling out your feelings so clearly!

    and your embroidery is really beautifull! of any typo for that word, i feel like that is one that fits.

  6. I have the same owl stamp!!! Your embroidery is fantastic! I wish I had those kind of skills.