Wednesday, October 21, 2009

So glad to be back!

I've been gone for so long from the blog and I have missed the constant companionship and connection that it has always brought to my days. I have missed you!

We are still working on getting settled into our new house. It is so sweet, i wish I could invite you all over for a get-together. It would be nice to have some friends here. We love the city and especially the area that we live in. Every morning I get to run through the cutest streets with shops and cafes and little parks...i think it's the closest you can get to Park Slope, Brooklyn while in Florida (its a stretch - i know).

So much is going on in this little mind of mine and though I am loving this very moment on this very day in this very second, i am excited to see how life looks a year from now. For starters, Spencer and I have gone "complaint free" and it has already shifted the energy in our lives. It's amazing and I highly recommend it. Just try it for a week and see how you feel.

We have had a couple days of "fall" weather in central has been unusually chilly and it reminds me of the early falls in NYC and Vermont. I love it! But I think we will be back up to 85 tomorrow. I enjoy that too.

I hope I still have some readers out there...thank you for sticking around during our move. I am SO glad to be back!

Here are a few photos from the week...

We are heading out to Universal Orlando's Halloween Horror Nights tonight....are you doing anything fun to celebrate the fall season this year?


  1. Glad you are back. I'm looking forward to seeing where life leads you. I love the picture of the pumpkin and your cats! Adorable!

  2. Welcome back! Must be super fun setting up house...all the best! BTW love your little embroidery, so cute!

  3. Hi. What's this 'complaint free'? Sounds like I could use a bit of that. :)

  4. Hi! I have missed you! I am glad you are back! :-)

  5. sometimes i actually find myself hungry for your blog. i am in love with the love.

  6. I wish I could come over your house and meet you! I love love the picture of you and your cat. I am going to try going complaint free. I think it would be amazing...