Thursday, November 5, 2009

envy vs. enough

(tiny paintings to be used in a LARGE project, can't wait till it's finished!)

Creativity is life giving. It is generous. It is healing. It is beautiful, lovely, encouraging, patient, kind, hopeful and all of the best things you can imagine in your head and heart right now. There are very few things I claim to know...but I do know these things to be true.

I also know that envy and jealousy are a very real part of my personality. I have felt it for as long as I can remember and now, as a blog reader and creative person, there are times when I feel it everyday. However, while I can feel envy and jealousy with such intensity as I go through my daily RSS feeds, I can also feel kindness and gentleness and abundance with just as much intensity. And my choice, when those scarcity feelings start to creep in, is to direct my thoughts in a different direction. What if instead of focusing on lack we all started focusing on abundance? What if there is enough for everyone? What if there was no such things as artistic competition? What if ideas were "gifted" and couldn't be "stolen"? What if all creativity was available to anyone who asked for it? What if we shared and grew TOGETHER? Wouldn't our creative journeys be that much sweeter?

To all of my fellow artists and bloggers and creative folks....I am filled with such joy to be in this adventure WITH you. I learn about life and art and Essence and even myself from you everyday. I am proud of you and I want you to succeed - even if you do bring the ideas I have had swimming around in my head to the market before me. The gifts I receive from fellow creative bloggers far outweigh any gifts I could ever provide to the readers of my own blog. I feel honored to be a part of something so huge and beautiful and brilliant.


  1. You put it in words all so well. I know exactly what you mean by enjoy and times it turns into depression of feeling unworthy and unfit for all the greatness out there. What could I possibly do that is different and unique and special!? But you are right that we just have to turn the tables, look at it from a different perspective. Everything is perspective, half empty or half full? All the what ifs you posed...I wish they were all true!

  2. I have been following your blog for a couple months now and was always delighted to see your works so proudly displayed so others could enjoy them. No strings attached.
    Your blogs are truly gifts. And I would like to say thank you.

  3. I love this call to action.

    In coaching artists (all different types - musicians, painters, actors, singers, etc) the Comparison Vampire always rears it's ugly head. I love the perspective of having enough room for everyone, & bringing out all of the uniquity that makes you you. Nobody can possibly create something that is uniquely Ashley Inzer but Ashley Inzer. Someone else still might be kick-ass, but they will never be Ashley Inzer. Ya know what I mean?

  4. Hi Ashley,

    Long time no speak! Its so amazing that I just decided to check in with your blog and your latest post is exactly the thing I had a conversation about with someone today. I completely understand what you are saying. I hate to admit that the jealousy and comparisons often stop me before I even start, which I know is silly. The conclusion my friend and I came to today is that if you are authentic and come from a place of truly believing there is enough for everyone and that everyone has their own unique gifts to offer the world, what you need will come.
    X Bel

  5. Ashley- that is so beautifully said. I feel that and really connect to what you wrote- it is nice to know I am not alone. I'm so glad we are blogging friends!

  6. i love what you are making here -- every single square & collectively!

  7. Ashley....what a beautiful post. So well said and certainly, in my opinion one of the biggest issues in the creative field. I feel it rather intensely sometimes on flickr. It is something I struggle with and I feel others struggle with it as well. Sometimes I become so critical of my own work that I am afraid to put it out there and when I overcome those feelings and do, that work is often the most profound. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!