Thursday, December 17, 2009

Holiday Photo Attempt

We tried. We really did. I had full intentions of getting a Christmas card sent out this year. Not gonna happen. Its going to have to be a New Year card.

See the thing is that we just moved to this new city where we don't know anyone who could actually take a photo of us, and we live in a home that doesn't get the greatest light, and I can't find my tripod, and I am seriously opposed to using a flash on a camera. So we tried to make do with our current situation and this is what happened.....

Doesn't he look so excited to be a part of the "light testing"? And the felt linked garland that I made WAS cute before this particular day.

I didn't make it back in time after hitting the button....(for about the 15th time)

I painted this little sign thinking that it would be really cute to use in our photos. However, neither one of us look very merry or bright at the moment.....

Here we look like homeless, dirty hippies camping out downtown....

1. Don't you love the factory artwork in the Ikea frame? I thought it would be perfect for a holiday card (im kidding, i was planning on photoshopping a little illustration in that spot) 2. I think Spencer is over it all and is trying to be nice about telling me its time to quit.

At least we got parts of the whole family in the picture. None of the kids were happy and I ended up with quite a few (deep) scratches - but I WAS NOT GOING TO LET GO. WE WERE GOING TO TAKE A FAMILY PHOTO DAMMIT.

Here we were just so over it all that we started making ridiculous faces....

I had to grab his butt to get this half way decent laughing shot.

We will be heading to my parents house in Alabama for Christmas so hopefully I can talk him into suffering through one more photo shoot with my mom (or at least a tripod) as the photographer. Sometimes I guess getting just the right photo takes time....and apparently lots of patience if you are a man.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

100 Holiday Crafts

Holy craftballs this is going to keep you busy until the next holiday season. 100 crazy fun craft projects in one gigantic list. heaven. I was so excited when I found this I started drooling. Not really, but you should check it out at The Long Thread.

Thank you to Kind Over Matter for revealing this goodness to me today. Have you ever visited the Kind Over Matter blog? Its one of my very most favorites.